Sunrise | One Piece
"Sunrise" Skin-Tone One Piece
"Sunrise" Skin-Tone One Piece
"Sunrise" Skin-Tone One Piece
Sunrise | One Piece

"Sunrise" Skin-Tone One Piece

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Crystallized spandex low-cut, halter bodysuit with cheeky bottom. Designed to give the illusion of skin. Available in 6 skin tones.

Please Note: This product can be worn as swimwear, but saltwater may compromise the glue on the crystals. Rinse immediately after use in oceans, seas or chlorinated pools.

Vanilla: light, fair skin.
Swirl: medium, tan skin.
Mocha: cocoa brown tones.
Butterscotch: cinnamon-red undertone.
Chocolate: rich, chocolate tone.
Java: deep brown tan.

Crystal AB reflects iridescent
Crystal Diamond reflects clear
Topaz reflects beige-light tan | Vanilla Tone On Tone
Rose Gold reflects light peach | Swirl Tone On Tone
Copper reflects red-orange | Butterscotch x Chocolate Tone On Tone
Bronze reflects cocoa brown | Mocha x Java Tone On Tone

Photographed in Swirl | Crystal AB

Please allow 1-2 weeks for turnaround time.